Breast and Buttock Lift

Breast and Buttock Lift

Non-surgical Breast Firming/Shaping/Reduction or Enhancement Solution. With this new innovation, now you can get brisk outcomes. Every session is around 45 minutes span. Bodevolution utilizes a blend of 4 treatments inside a specific handling that all cooperate to invigorate blood stream and increment tissue development for the breast lift and the breast enhancement.

Vacuum Lift

Treatment incorporates an intense vacuum with simple control to give a customized suction lift. The vacuum suction builds blood stream into breast tissue, opening vessels expanding breast or size.

Knead Therapy

Knead vibration treatment fortifies and quickens the dissemination of blood stream and activities breast muscles.

Small scale current Stimulation

Utilizing little electrical charge (instead of breast lift without surgery), blood is animated to the breast with a specific end goal to give long haul advantages, for example, expanded tissue development. It likewise goes for expanding breast muscle tone, firming and lifting.

Photograph Dynamic Light

PDLT, Photo Dynamic Light Therapy is utilized to animate blood stream and tissue development. The light is delivered around the cups to influence the breast region, the light is easy normal light and has no antagonistic impacts. PDLT enhances the look and feel of skin.

  • Sheltered and compelling
  • Conveys quick outcomes
  • Less costly
  • Prompt outcomes, enhancing with each session
  • Unrivaled in elements and adaptability
  • Agreeable and easy medicines


Most creative non-surgical treatment accessible at this point. Buttock lift is an energizing technique that can give phenomenal lifting of the buttocks and parallel thighs. Laxity of the skin of the buttocks and external thighs are amended also with this system. The lift without surgery facility that is available at the bodevolution is according to the modern standard and therefore, excellent for acquiring the ideal body shape in an easy and a pain free manner.

How can it function?

Vacuum suction is utilized to control fat tissue, which is for the most part what breasts and buttocks are made out of. As the extreme suction is utilized this will likewise help with pectoral muscle compression which gives the specific range shape. At the point when a muscle stretches or abbreviates, the skin lifts and firms. Vacuum suction additionally builds blood course along these lines wiping out poisons through the lymph. Miniaturized scale current Therapy can empower recovery of nerves and delicate tissue. Inside the cell, the mitochondria can be empowered to create more ATP (the vitality of the cell) required for cell development and repair. It likewise gives firming and conditioning benefits that keep on improving with resulting medicines. The entire technique is a blend of 5 treatments including RF, Cavitation and LDM supplemented by Bodevolution Buttocks lift serums.


It would be ideal if you Visit us with the expectation of complimentary counsel or additional data as the breast lift cost with the Bodevolution is low. The non surgical breast lift facility, available at the Bodevolution is up to the mark and meet the global standard.

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